Inuit Residential Schools silenced by the Canadian government

A groups of children, nuns and Inuit men in front of Port Harrison (Inukjuak) Federal Hostel

What are Inuit Residential Schools ?

An artwork describing residential schools. It shows the nun taking away Indigenous children to a dark place
Inuit children being forced to say religious prayers before going to bed

Life at Inuit Residential Schools

Inuit Residential school pupils forced into harsh labour, chopping wood to build housing
Children at Inuit residential school are forced to spell “Hello”

Impact on children and second generation

Fort George residential school student cemetery
Andy Thomas Evaloakjuk visits local cemetery and dances to mend the pain of the deaths of many Inuit youth due to the rise in a suicide epidemic
Referring to how British colonist looted Indian settlements and traditions, as in Hindi the word ‘loot’ means to steal
Indian mutiny with British in 1857
Rise of India flag on Independence day on July 18, 1947
This picture shows the atrocities committed by the Pakistan Liberation Front in 1971, during the Hindu Bangladeshi Genocide



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