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“Am I Next ?” refers to the fear and likely probability of Indigenous women going missing, raped or murdered

When particular members of a group are targeted, and they go missing, are murdered or raped can have chain reaction and can affect many of its people. Indigenous women often scared to walk alone in the night, then any other minority in Canada. This not only creates fear, but long-term trauma(PTSD)😔, especially affecting under-age women. It then leads to high rates of mortality due to drug abuse. With the lack of women, their communities suffer from socio-economic problems.

I think the root cause all of this endangerment is because erasure of Indigenous culture. The Canadian has done nothing for these…

The protection of Missing and Murdered Indigenous women by the First Nations Assembly

Canadian activists don’t just sit down, and they’ve responded to the ongoing issue of MMIWG, through protesting and spreading awareness in various ways. On the other hand, the Canadian government has done nothing but kept quiet and has made no effort to solve this issue. However, I praise👌 Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for at least recognizing this as an issue.

To a crowd in Vancouver he said “We accept their findings, including that what happened amounts to genocide” refers to the number of murdered and missing Indigenous women.

But his cabinet has yet to do anything about the issue, while…

Pipelines increase the rate of sexual violence

2020 has been the year of social justice, from uprising caused by the increase of police brutality across North America and anti-black systemic racism. However, in my opinion, Indigenous issues have been swept under the rug, especially the ongoing discrimination and abuse of Indigenous women. I felt very disgusted🤮 after not only looking at the numbers but the certain circumstances these women are put into. Something which surprised me the most is that Indigenous women are ten times more likely to be killed, raped or gone missing than any other minority in Canada. And, according to CBC News, approximately 140…

A groups of children, nuns and Inuit men in front of Port Harrison (Inukjuak) Federal Hostel

I’m sure many of you haven’t heard of Inuit residential schools, as it hasn’t been one of Canada’s highlights in their History. I only learned of this couple of days ago, and after hearing what happened in these schools, I felt very disgusted 🤢. It’s because Canada keeps ignoring the victims, who have suffered from mental trauma. The missionaries arrived in the northern territories of Canada around in the 1860s and were known to be very cruel, didn’t actually represent Christian values. But, it was only as early as the 1950s when children were forced to attend Res. schools.



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